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Fall is one of the best times of the year to travel.  The weather is much milder than in the summer months making travel much more enjoyable.  Also, the kids are back in school so many of the impossible to get into places will have availability.  One of the best reasons to travel in fall is the discounts, with everyone back into the swing of everyday life, travel during this time of year is not ideal for most.  So it’s time for you to take advantage to see the beautiful colors, and cooler weather.

Start thinking about your travel plans early.  If you plan ahead try to book in December before the prices jump up in January.  When planning ahead isn’t an option look for last minute offers, or cancellation trips.  Either way you can save a bundle during this time of year.

Taking a road trip through the northern states can be amazing, especially if you are from the south.  There’s nothing like seeing the beautiful colors of fall throughout the landscape.  Talk about picturesque scenery!  Traveling by car has it perks, such as stopping whenever you like, finding that cozy diner with the great cup of coffee off the beaten path or taking the breath taking photo on the side of the road.  But when you are in the car for an extended period of time it’s best to plan ahead to make the ride as comfortable as possible.  Keep a bag with maps, games, a 1st aid kit, snacks, blankets, pillows, etc. accessible to everyone in the car.  Play some games like the license plate game or a scavenger hunt to pass the time.

The weather during fall is much milder which can make packing a bit difficult.  Remember layers are your best friend.  Keep layers light so you can add and remove as necessary.  Carrying a leather backpack while out and about is helpful to carry not only your layers but your other essentials as well.  A few essential layering must haves is a snug hat to keep your head and ears warm, a big scarf which could be used as pillow if necessary, tall boots to help keep your feet dry, a light weight cardigan is a must for layering, a shawl to wrap up in for warmth, and compression socks or leggings to help with circulation.  Having these few things on hand will help make your packing a cinch.

No matter the destination or method of travel, taking a trip in the fall could be just what is needed to refuel and get ready for the holiday season.

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