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Good customer service is the key to any service industry, especially in the transportation industry.  We are all about the customer service.

Greet your customer by name.  Greeting your customer by name begins to build a trusting relationship and shows respect.  It will also help return clients feel remembered and valued.

Practice anticipatory service.  Staff members should be proactive and approach the client.  The client may be unsure and if a confident staff member is there to aid the client it can help the client to relax and enjoy their experience.

Be knowledgeable and prepared.  The chauffer should know the pickup and drop off locations and know if there are any extras the client might need.

Adapt as needed.  Staff should be able to change direction at a moment’s notice and still be able to provide top notch customer service.

Invite interaction.  Ask open ended questions to invite your guest to have conversation.  Your guest may be shy or not know the protocol, ask questions that might put your guest at ease.

Exercise discretion.  Clients hire private car services because they want their privacy.  Be careful not to be too intrusive, give clients their space and respect if they want a bit of quite.

Stress safety.  At all times make sure the client is safe while in the vehicle.  Make sure the vehicle is in complete working order and the client is not doing anything to distract you or doing something that may be unsafe.

Respect people’s time.  Being on time is our industry’s number one priority.  Always be at least 15mins early for your pick up and be ready to leave as soon as the client is ready.  The client should never have to wait for you.


Remember great customer service brings great clients.13615263_10150640724664997_7761874578461102647_n

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