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January is the beginning of the year and makes us all think of all the new things coming our way for the New Year.  What will we accomplish for ourselves, our business, or our family this year?

A vision board is a good start to put your goals in front of you.  Take a poster board and past magazine cut outs to represent your ideas and goals.  This will help you to stay motivated and keep your goals in the forefront of your mind.  It’s even a little fun to sit with a stack of magazines cutting and pasting.  Make your board as decorative as you would like.

Tell as many people as you can about what you would like to accomplish. By doing this you are taking the ideas from your head and putting them out into the world.  But not only that you are creating a cheering squad and possibly even some supporters.  Your friends and family want to see you succeed, so they will throw out ideas or even pitch in and help you.  If it’s losing weight then they may start up a group exercise day or a healthy recipe club.

Small steps, big dreams don’t all of a sudden happen in one big leap.  Set mini goals so the big one doesn’t seem so overwhelming.  Starting a business is huge, start with a small side project and see how that goes.  Maybe you’ve always dreamt of taking a European vacation,  start a vacation jar and put in $20 per week to help save.  Achieving your goal doesn’t have to be done in one afternoon, it will take time.  Be patient with yourself.

Yes be patient with yourself, but not too patient, set a completion date.  Setting a date will give you an end time.  When do you want to start working for yourself, or loose the 50lbs or take that vacation?

Be realistic with your goals.  Yes we would all love to have instant success however there are many steps and lots of time involved to achieve the success we all want to have.  Take the time and be clear with yourself of your path your plan to take to get to the end.

Be your own best cheerleader, this is all you.  Keep your vision and keep your path clear.  This is your year!!

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