Large Group? Book a Motor Coach!


When it comes to transportation, there are hundreds of different options for you to choose from.  The distance to your destination, duration of trip, passenger number and budget are the main factors that influence your vehicle choice. If your family of 4 is traveling from Alaska to Florida for a week’s vacation, traveling by air is your best choice. For larger groups, renting a Motor Coach will be the most sensible choice. While there are many different options to choose from, one staple in the transportation industry is the Motor Coach.

What is a Motor Coach?

The motor coach is more commonly referred to as a bus, or charter bus, and is used in a variety of different ways. A motor coach is typically used as a long distance bus service between cities. These types of buses are not to be confused with transit buses. Transit buses are used for short journeys and are often associated with citywide public transportation. Motor coaches are built with distance and trip duration in mind.

A motor coach’s features are what set them apart from other types of buses. One of the standout features of motor coaches is a baggage hold for luggage that is separate from the passenger cabin and accessible from outside the vehicle. However, if you need access to some luggage while on the bus, you are in luck. Motor coaches also have luggage racks above the passenger seats that allow access to carry-on bags during a trip.

Another major difference between motor coaches and other buses is the seating. Motor coaches are used for long journeys, whether the duration is for a few hours, days or weeks even. When you are seated as long as you are using a motor coach, comfort is very important. Seats are cushioned more than the typical bus and often have extra features such as a fold down tray table, adjustable arm rests, and even a reclining option. Personal reading lights and air conditioning ducts overhead are also key features on motor coaches. In the motor coaches, televisions are mounted above seats for entertainment and some buses even include Wi-Fi and outlets to charge your devices.

The biggest difference in motor coaches and other types of buses come in the form of onboard facilities. When you have a large group of people traveling a long distance, stopping every time someone needs to use the restroom would prevent any adequate progress being made in reaching your destination. With a restroom on board, passengers are given access to the facilities whenever they need it without having to interfere with the trip.

Why A Motor Coach?

With features and amenities like these, who can resist a motor coach for their next trip? But where do you go and why not just drive yourself? While driving yourself may give you a little bit more freedom and flexibility, is it really worth the extra stress and possibility of missing out on half of your trip? When you use a motor coach you not only get a spacious and comfortable vehicle to ride in but also a knowledgeable chauffeur.

How many times have you missed getting that perfect picture because you were behind the wheel? How often have you become lost on unfamiliar roads when reading maps is not your forte? And what about the times that traffic was a mess and you simply wanted to pull your hair out? When situations like this arise, you will suddenly remember why you hired a motor coach and feel like giving your driver a hug. Another great reason to use a motor coach for your next trip comes down to size. With a Motor Coach , 45 to 55 people can fit into one vehicle comfortably. In standard vehicles you would have a convoy a mile long to keep everyone together but using a motor coach, everyone is together. This also makes for some amazing memories and a lot of fun as everyone experiences the trip together.

Using a motor coach for your next trip is a decision that shouldn’t be too tough to make. With great amenities, plenty of people on-board, and a must-see destination in your sights, traveling by motor coach will be an experience you will never forget.