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Your boss just nominated you to plan the next corporate even and says make it fun.  Now what?

Where should this event be held?  Look at locations that are convenient to town, airports and hotels.   Corporate events aren’t just being held in the hotel meeting room any more, many companies are looking for locations that can add a cultural aspect to the meeting agenda.  Consider a location that could host events outdoors or is close to offsite outings or dinners.  Price is not the only factor in choosing a location any more.

With many corporations holding more intriguing events, space is becoming harder to book.  As soon as you know you have an event to plan pick the location and book the venue.  If possible try to book at least a year in advance.  Last minute meetings are always going to pop up, but keep in mind your venues may be limited.  When planning any type of event time is of the essence.

Choosing a unique venue is important, however almost more importantly making sure your venue has adequate Wi-Fi is key.  Many travelers want to stay connected while away.  Also, with presentations becoming more grandiose presenters will need sufficient Wi-Fi for their show.

Also, flexible meeting space can help with brainstorming session.  If the space has nooks or partitions, can be used to break up the space, to give smaller groups of attendees different areas to use to bounce ideas back and forth can encourage interaction.  Making the space more attractive helps make the space feel more like an event rather than a meeting.

Just with any event, distinctive food and beverage is instrumental of a successful event.  This just doesn’t mean having a variety of options but an assortment of healthy choices.  A menu with locally sourced and organic options will make the food memorable.

The world is becoming more health conscious.  Instead of having a 15min refreshment break, have a 15 min yoga or Zumba class.  Get people up and moving to stimulate the body and minds.

Hosting team building events is a unique way to motivate, inspire and build camaraderie between your attendees.  Activities that link corporate social responsibility are on the rise.  Another great team building event is a group volunteer project, which not only builds inspiration within the company but helps the community where the event is being held.

Unique entertainment will keep your attendees coming back year after year.  Weather it is an awesome team building event or top notch last night themed dinner, the entertainment will be what people will remember the most.

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