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Living in Florida during the summer can be a challenge.  Staying cool in the heat and heavy humidity can be a daunting task even when staying indoors.  But it’s even more of a hardship when trying to perform everyday task like going to the grocery store, walking the dog or mowing the lawn.  Try following some of the tips below to keep cool in the heat.



When staying indoors and the ac just isn’t cutting it, try turning on the fan while running the air conditioning.  At night when the temperature is 77 degrees or lower and the house is stuffy, open a window and place the fan facing out so that the hot air is drawn out of the house. 

Turn off all electronics when not in use such as TV’s, notebooks, computes, etc.  But not only turn them off disconnect them completely.  Even though they are turned off electronics still pull electricity.  The bonus to this trick is you will save on your electric bill as well.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights.  Turning off the lights is one of the biggest ways to keep the house cool.  If the lights have to stay on, try changing your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents, which produce 70% less heat than regular bulbs.

And let’s try not to even think about if the unthinkable happens…. THE AC BREAKS!!  Well don’t fret too much.  You can make your own ac by taking a bucket and filling it with ice and placing it in front of the fan. 



When performing outdoor tasks it extremely important to stay cool.  Of course the #1 rule is to stay hydrated!  Staying hydrated helps the body regulate its temperature.  If water isn’t available, snack on fleshy fruits and veggies.

When leaving for errands turn your vehicle on 5-10 minutes before you plan on leaving that way the car’s air conditioning has time to cool the car, especially if you have little ones or pets going along for the ride.  Also, roll down the windows for the 1st few minutes to let the hot air escape, and then roll them back up so the cool air can stay inside.

If you plan on staying outdoors keep a misting bottle with you.  When you start to feel the heat give yourself a spritz, as the water evaporates it help you to cool down. 

Remember cotton is top choice when deciding what to wear because of its breathability.  Also, choose light colored and loose fitting outfits.  Not only will the colors make you feel happy they will help you stay happy.  If it’s just getting too hot try wearing a pair of damp socks or a damp headband, as the water evaporates it will help your skin stay cool.


Sarasota, Florida is paradise, but sometimes paradise can be hot.  Hopefully these few tips will help everyone to keep their cool while enjoying our beautiful city.  Have a great summer in the sun everyone!



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