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The future of transportation is coming upon us; some experts predict that within the next 10yrs transportation will not be the same.  Not only private transportation but public transportation is making significant advancements.

Let’s take a moment and talk about the driverless car.  Many different car manufactures already have concept driverless cars in the works, for example Ford and Cadillac have announced projects for cars that will take over the driving for you.  But if you’re for looking real advancements in this niche of the transportation industry, you have to look at what Google has done.  Google has approximately 24 Lexus RX450h vehicles on the roads of California with over 500,000 miles logged.  These cars can look for exit ramps, recognize buildings, stop suddenly, and even change speeds.    Driverless cars have the potential of making the compute to work more productive and the ride home more relaxing.

Need to get from the park to the city’s center?  Just hop into an urban transport pod.  That sounds like something from the future right?  Think again, it’s not that far away.  These transport pods are already being used in Masdor City in Abu Dhabi and London’s Heathrow Airport.  Of course in highly controlled environments at the moment, but they are being tested to start using them in a city setting.  The urban transport pod is a single seat that operates on its own.  They will take the rider on a pre-determined route, which the rider will be able to choose by swiping the interactive screen built into the windshield.  The rider will be able to read the news, check email or even play a video game on the touch screen windshield.

Imagine taking a five hour ride and touring it into a 30minutes.  All aboard!  With advancements in train technology this will be possible sooner than one may think.  Trains on magnetic rail systems are already being used in Shanghai and Japan, with more in the works.   These systems use magnetic force to lift and propel the train along the rail at about 310 miles per hour.  What to really look forward to is riding on the Hyperloop train.  These trains move along virtually airless tubes at around 800 miles per hour.  The bonus is they are cheaper to produce and quieter than it counterpart.

Are you ready for the future?

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