SRQ SERVICES Guide to a Vacation Budget


      SRQ SERVICES Guide to a Vacation Budget

Booking a vacation or any other type of travel can be stressful, especially during the shoulder season. In the travel industry jargon, shoulder seasons represents the period in between a destination’s low and high season of tourism, which means prices are lower for transportation, accommodation, and attractions. During shoulder season, many hotels offer special discounts, and another great way to save if you travel during this time of the year would be to hire the services of a professional limo service company.

We, at SRQ Services, make the traveling process easier by providing a safe and comfortable limousine service. Our chauffeurs are committed to providing customers with a safe and comfortable ride.

Traveling with Us    

Are you traveling to Sarasota? If so, you can engage the services of SRQ Services. Instead of fighting traffic, you can sit back and read, prepare for a meeting, or even nap on the way to your destination. The stress of driving often leads to fatigue by the time you arrive; not a good thing if you are traveling for business purposes.

We also offer transportation to other areas with a variety of vehicles. Even if you only need transportation for a night out, travel to the airport or other important events, you can rely on our experienced chauffeurs and us to get there on time. Of course, you could drive yourself, but you would have to fight traffic, keep your eyes on the road, and endure the stress that comes along with it.

Our goal is to meet all the needs of our passengers, and this means we must have a variety of vehicles available to meet those needs. We understand this business is not one where one size fits all, so we must cater to those different needs. Also, our fleet of vehicles offers a variety of amenities to ensure the comfort of everyone who books one of our limousines.

Corporate Transportation

In addition to providing transportation for individuals, families, and groups, we also offer transportation to businesses and corporations. We have chauffeurs and vehicles to meet the needs and budget of everyone in the corporate sector. We want to be able to meet those needs and provide a comfortable and secure place for employees to work while traveling to the meeting, hotel, seminar, or airport.

Corporate customers are assigned an account manager who oversees all their needs. There is also the option of additional amenities upon request. Meeting the needs of every customer in the corporate world is a goal we set for ourselves; we can only achieve this goal with input from those customers. This is something we encourage and appreciate. When customers recommend us to others, we increase our customer base and are then able to provide continued priority service.



We do not limit our services to limousines. We also offer a variety of different tours in the area. Some of the tours we offer include:

  • Kayak, Segway & fishing tour
  •   Ringling Art Museum tour / Circus Museum tour
  •   Selby Gardens tour
  •   Big Cat Habitat tour
  •   Sunset Boat tour
  •   Holiday Light tour

While some of the tours are available year-round, we only offer some of the trips at specific times of the year. We try to accommodate everyone, so you need to contact us to schedule your tour.

Whether you need to reserve SRQ Services transportation or another type of service, you can rest assured we will treat you with the utmost care and provide everything you need.

We can help you make the right decision about the type of service you need. This will be based on several factors, including the purpose of transportation and the number of people we need to transport. This ensures you will only have the best service and comfort throughout the duration of your tour.

It can be very stressful to travel, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s for work or pleasure. Making the arrangements is often the worst part, but we make both of those easy. Driving is another stressful part of travel even when it is only local for a special event. You don’t have to worry about these things when you call us to make a reservation. When you know we are there to fit the mode of transportation to your individual needs, you can relax and enjoy the ride to your destination.

It is sometimes a problem to transport a large group of people, but we even make that easy for you with our Mini Coaches and Motor Coaches. Instead of the frustration of driving through traffic and hoping everyone makes it on time, you make a reservation with us while you sit back and relax, allowing the chauffeur to take care of everything else for you.

SRQ SERVICES LLC is always dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional ground transportation services. We have been delivering unsurpassed service to businesses and private travelers alike for more than 11 years. Our team makes the difference – we are small enough to respond to all customer needs, yet large enough to offer true value, technology tools, and global service. From our extensively trained chauffeurs to our experienced management team, SRQ Services has created a culture which exceeds the industry’s standards. Our 24-hour customer service support and online reservation system is ready and waiting to accommodate all your travel requests 365 days a year.