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Hiring a stranger to drive you from point A to point B can be a scary thought.  How do you know you are getting a reliable service, a safe driver, etc.?  Let’s think about this…

When you hire a personal car service you know they will be on time.  You are able to schedule a specific day and time to be picked up, not wait until 30mins or so before you need to leave and hope someone will show up.  On average 2% of people that have used a taxi service, the ride has never showed.  Now that may seem like a low percentage, but when you are on your way to the airport to board a flight for that most import business meeting, having your taxi not show up can be disastrous.  With a personal car service you know exactly when, who and what type of vehicle will show to pick you up.  Not only will you have the confidence in your ride, you know should something happen, your car service will be able handle the situation and still get you to where you need to be on time, whether it’s an early or delayed flight, change in dinner reservations or last minute ride to work.

Safety is always a concern.  One would just assume that the company they hire to drive them makes sure their drivers have gone through an extensive background check and are suitable for hire.  Well, think again… many ride sourcing companies may perform an initial criminal check but unless they were convicted you may still end up riding with a drunk driver or even worse a sexual offender.  Because of the strict standards many personal car services uphold their drivers they perform in depth background checks; criminal, court records, sex offenses, etc.

Professionalism is key to any personal car service company.  When hiring a company such as SRQ Services, you can be assured that all of our drivers are licensed, insured and serve with the highest level of professionalism.  Have you ever climbed into the back of other ride sourcing vehicles and been met with crumbs, a car seat, or a “Hey, what’s up” from the driver?  A personal car service will always provide a clean, reliable, professional chauffer at your doorstep every time.  No wondering who or what is going to show up.

Remember, when hiring a car service of any type you get what you pay for.  At SRQ Services we are here to provide our clients with best service available in the industry.

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